Allegiant Sequel Ascendant Going Straight to TV

I've got to take a moment to talk about Allegiant. In case you haven't heard this article breaks it down. Basically Lionsgate wants to release Ascendant, the conclusion to Allegiant, straight to television. Therefore serving as a pilot of sorts for the spin-off TV series. Apparently Shailene Woodley had no idea.   

Woodley was under the impression, like most of us, that
Ascendant would be in theaters March 2017.
This could be a money thing, apparently Hollywood feels like YA books adapted into films aren't bringing in as much money as they once did.  For instance The Mockingjay Part 2 and Allegiant both made less money in the box office than their predecessors.  However my argument is, Allegiant was by far the weakest link in the trilogy.  The characters didn't act like themselves, the story took a wild turn from all the groundwork that was laid in the previous two novels.  Basically it comes across as written in a hurry.

So I'm not surprised that readers may have avoided going to the theater to see it, not to mention the initial trailer had a lot of us going, what book is this even based upon? 

Not to mention, no one wants a movie to be divided in two when there was only one book.  It makes readers and viewers feel as though this was less  of a creative choice and more of financial one.  After all two movies, mean twice as much money for movie execs, right? With the exception of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, which would have been a six hour film, there is no reason for The Mockingjay or Allegiant to be broken into two parts. This may be another reason why the box office revenue wasn't as high.  

It's not as simple as, YA no longer does well in theaters. The truth is, when YA books are turned into films poorly box office turn-out isn't as alluring to movie producers. 

People want a conclusion.  They want continuity between the books and the film.  When that doesn't happen people just avoid hitting the lines and the stale popcorn.

How will a made-for-TV Ascendant film work? Will we all have to sit in front of a TV one Thursday night in order to see what happens to Tris and Four? Will our DVR's be the only way that we can watch it again? Will it ever be available on Blu-ray or do my dreams of a box set of all the films go unanswered?  Lionsgate why so cold?