Sunday, April 17, 2016

10 Most Asked Questions When u Have a New Release

Last week I announced that I have a new book coming out (YAY!), shortly thereafter I started getting lots of questions but some were more frequent than others so I thought, why not answer them all in one place? Also I need a break from editing :) #winwin

10. How long did it take you to write Threshold?
Almost 2 years because I started thinking about it as I was completing the Harlow Whittaker Trilogy.

9. Is Threshold setup to be a trilogy?
No, I set out to write a standalone novel which proved to be a challenge in itself.

8. Is Threshold like Harlow?
No, I think the only similarity is that they both have characters from Albuquerque.

7. Is Threshold a YA fantasy?
It's Sci-Fi, so it was difficult for me to write because that's a whole new genre for me. Not only writing wise but I hadn't read sci-fi before, I was told it was for boys growing up. So when this concept came to me it was like, OK let's do it. But I struggled with being confident I could pull it off, even though it was my idea.

In terms of YA, Threshold has very mature themes so I think older readers will connect with it as well as teens.

6. Who is the main character?
Lucas Saavedra: 16 year old, caramel skinned, green eyed soccer star who finds himself personally effected by the invasion.

5. Invasion? What's it about?
For month's disappearances have been occurring all over the world. Chapter one begins with the main characters finally finding out that alien invaders are the cause. That's the setup, without giving too much away.

4. Is their war?
That's one direction that the characters find themselves in. I love writing battle scenes so they are present.

3. Any love connections?
When your world is blown up that forces you to put things in perspective and re-evaluate what you want. That sometimes comes in the form of a romance. And these characters world's are definitely blown up.

2. What's your favorite part?
Seeing how the characters grow and grapple with their own personal interests vs. the good of their people.

1. When will it be out?
Summer 2016, finally.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Work. Write. Live.

Isn't it funny how your subconscious knows what you want before you catch up? Got bit the Spring Cleaning bug a couple weeks back, thought I was just feeling the need to de-clutter, now that we were ending our winter hibernation, and opening the door to our home for visitors once again, but the truth of the matter is I was building a writing nook. 

I've been teaching the past 9 months and summer vacation is fastly approaching. Clearly my subconscious was foreseeing that I was about to have a lot of time off, a lot of time to contemplate, to completely embrace my introvert tendencies. I needed time to self- reflect, and that's all my writing is. It's a way for me to look back and figure out what  happened.

It's true. With the school year ending, now I can sit and look back at the past few months and interpret them clearly. This is something that some can do in the moment, Oh how I envy that.  No for me it all happens and I get through it but it never goes anywhere until I can link those events to the other assortment of experiences that occurred before and after it, finally fully gaining the lesson. Or the spark of wisdom or insight that makes it make sense.

It wasn't until on a whim of moving a desk into the room with the most light in our house did I fully understand this cycle that I've been performing my entire life.

Work. Write. Live.
I work best in clutter and chaos so my writer's sanctuary is the homework HQ, dinosaur haven, arts and crafts station, complete with rock collection. #happywriting