Emily Murdoch Stopped By to Tell Us About her NEW BOOK!

Hey All,

I'm sure you remember my author friend, Emily Murdoch, if not please see her previous post and also read on because she let me ask her some Interview Q's and her responses will intrigue you.  It's been a while since we last spoke and of course Emily has a new amazing book out and is willing to tell us all about it and her and how it came to be.  Enjoy!

(My Questions will appear in purple, while Emily's responses will be in blue.

It’s been a while since we’ve talked last, what have you been up to? 

Well, apart from getting married, moving to New Zealand and back again, and starting a new job, I have written three more books: Love Letters and Captives, which finish off my Conquered Hearts trilogy that started with Conquests, and a new Christmas novella that will be released in the winter!

Sounds like you’ve been busy, how did it feel to end your trilogy?  Will you miss the characters?

It felt kind of bittersweet when I finished - I had really got to know and love my characters, and it was sad to say goodbye. I will definitely miss Avis and Catheryn, my two female leads, and I may even be tempted to revisit them in the future.

Do you think your readers will be satisfied with how it all ends?

Goodness, I hope so! The trouble - and joy - of writing historical fiction is that for some of my characters, their endings have already occurred, and I'm just following history. I had a lot more control over my original characters, but just like in life, not everyone gets their happily ever after.

How did you know that this story would need three books?

At first, I only wrote the first book Conquests as a stand alone book - but Avis' mother, Catheryn, almost demanded her own story when reader after reader contacted me, desperate to know what had happened to her! I suppose it was kind of harsh of me to leave Avis unsure whether her mother was dead or alive, and so Captives had to be written to finish off her story.Love Letters, the bridge novella, I then wrote when my editor said that it would be amazing to see how Avis' parents, Catheryn and Selwyn, met and fell in love. 

Do you have any new projects in the works?

Well, I'm still working on completing the book cover for my Christmas novella, and I am currently working on a set of twelve novellas, a set of six novels, and the first novel in a series of four! I sometimes think I've bitten off more than I can chew, but I love writing, and so whenever I get stuck with one chapter in one project, there's always another to move on to in the meantime.

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