What Getting Rid of One Simple Phrase Says About You...

When you can have friends come over and the first thing out of your mouth isn't "Excuse the mess," you have accomplished two major things in life. 

  1.  You have found true friends. Real friends don't care what you or your kids look like. Or even what your house smells like they are stuck with you and you are stuck with them because the time for pleasantries has passed. You know that these people can watch you throw a grown up temper tantrum or have your credit card declined and they aren't going to turn up their nose. For whatever reason they love you and your quarks and just like you never feel the need to vacuum before they "pop in" they wouldn't even notice if you did. These are the folks you hang on to because without them you would sink.
  2.  You have reached a level of confidence just above I DGAF and Katy Perry's Roar. You are comfortable enough in your own skin that what material things you have and your attachment to said things is no longer the center of your universe. You know that you will be the same AWESOME version of yourself REGARDLESS of how much or little laundry you have done that week.

I love the moms that stand in front of me and say to my face how easy it is to keep their house spotless and their kid is in 5 extracurricular activities and they are pursuing a degree, working full time and still have hobbies I just smile with yesterday's soup in my hair and the same pajamas I went to bed in at 2pm and say, well my kids are alive and I read a book 2 years ago. 

It's not a competition and I'm happy for those moms that have it together. Does that mean I don't? No I just have different priorities. I would rather write a book or pursue another career rather than organize a kitchen that will soon have pots and pans scattered all over the floor once my toddler decides that he wants to explore his musically inclinations.

Be the happiest you can be, clean clothes, folded laundry optional, unless that is where you find your happy place of course. For instance I love to cook.  Baking makes me smile but if the very thought of putting a meal together fills you with anxiety and you're only doing it so that you come across in a positive light to someone else, then order take out. 
Just be you, that's all you should have to worry about, no more excuses.  Deal?