My Review of True Story, Dying To Be Thin

Dying To Be Thin, reminded me of Go Ask Alice with the main character battling something just as terrifying as drugs; anorexia.  

When I read the description I was a bit wary about having to read about a twelve year old girl, I don't think that any of us want to go back to our preteen years, but Lola Blake- as always, created a character that you jointly felt sorry for but also wanted to see soar. Becky is your average twelve year old that is just trying to fit in after moving and starting at a new school, but things take a turn for the worst as she begins to indulge in her body image issues and the reader, through the form of diary entries, gets to watch her life spiral out of control as her thoughts become more and more motivated by 

The story is one that we have all heard before, but what was so gripping about Blake's take on it was how she made it seem so easy for an eating disorder to manifest.  I know that I read each "entry" and was amazed at how seamlessly Becky went from being a "normal kid," aware of her body, to a dieter to having an eating disorder.  This is definitely a book I will be recommending to my friends with teenaged daughters, because it's a message that has to be discussed and shared with our girls.

If you know a tween that may be struggling with their weight or their perception of themselves I definitely would recommend this book.  it's also just a great way to start the conversation with someone, and getting a gauge at where their head is, in terms of food and body image.  

Kuddos to Lola Blake, for poignantly and relateably bringing issues like media literacy, body image, and feminism to the forefront in the book that teens will actually want to read.

You can pick up your copy of Dying To Be Thin here.