Time To Chill...

For this months collaboration blog Shannon Barczak and I discussed starting over,in terms of creating a new project after the completion of our trilogies.  For me however the theme of starting over applies to more than just writing, I am also in the process of starting a new career.

I have always loved looking at houses and sales is something that I really enjoy so the idea to become a real estate agent seemed like a no brainer however choosing to take this task on when I was in the midst of releasing the second book in my trilogy and finishing writing the final installment of Harlow Whittaker, while also teaching a  summer course to high school students, and raising my two kids and a dog, and serving on the school board for a k-8 charter school may not have been the best timing.  

I know that life is full of mess and I believe that sleep is overrated but I have finally hit a wall, I am done. My body and mind are both permanently in a daze and the glazed over look that my eyes have adopted along with their matching bags that rest beneath them are not a good look for me.  

I am planning on taking the next week or so "off."  Which means that rather than study real estate law in between giving my kids a bath, doing the dishes, and baking for the following day, while also grading papers and contemplating the following weeks lessons plans, I will remove the real estate part.  I know that doesn't sound like much of a break but I think it's the down time that my mind needs without going into complete atrophy.  We all know our limits and I think this fire has just one too many irons in it currently.   

I still plan on getting my real estate license by next month but I am now realizing that life is a marathon not a sprint so seven days of R& R (well my overachieving version of it anyway) will not ruin anything, actually the contrary is true, 7 days of no studying and practice tests may actually mean the difference between success and failure.  If I continued on this non stop track I'm sure it would end up with me in falling flat on my face, mumbling in coherently...(I was very close to that point Friday afternoon actually).

My Realizations of The Week:

  • Relaxation is not weakness but necessary, just like sleep.
  • Admitting you have limits is a sign of growth.  Sometimes you need a day of PJ's and Phineas & Ferb.
  • Your kids are profoundly smart (& know you better than you know yourself) and when they look at you and tell you, you need a nap, probably best to just listen.
  • People do not always listen, so don't count on your messages being delivered, they hear what they want to hear.
  • Be kind to your true friends because they are few and far between, always appreciate them.  Very few people will see you for who you are and stand by in spite of it.  So don't don't them for granted.
  • Failure is not the worst thing, don't allow your failures to define you, focus on your success.
  • Life is short.

Have a Good Week!