We All Have Guilty Pleasures, Are Romance Novels Yours? Romance Author Lan LLP Stopped By, & We Had Fun

It's been a while since I hosted a guest blog and I stumbled upon up and coming romance author Lan LLP.  Her debut novel, Beginning with Forever can be found in both paperback and ebook on Amazon.  Check out my interview with Lan, as always my words will appear in orange and Lan's in white, enjoy, and if you're an aspiring author make sure you read Lan's advice, it's pretty perfect.
   Did you always want to be an author? What brought you to writing?
Answer: I’m a radiation therapist by profession and a mom. I never even imagined I’d ever write anything and here I am finished with my first novel and working on my second one. Acquiring the love for reading about 6 years ago led me to write my own romance book. I wanted to create my own hero and heroine based on my fantasies.
    What's your favorite book?
       My favorite book would have to be The Notebook by Nickolas Sparks. I love the deep emotions this author can draw out from his readers. Yes, I hope that I’ve acquired that skill to add emotional depth to my book.
   Who’s your favorite character that you’ve written and why? Do you see yourself in any of your characters?
Answer: Lillian Ly because I created her based on what I think a heroine should be: strong, witty, kind, passionate and devoted. I do see some of my personalities in all my characters because let’s admit it, it’s much easier to write about something you’re knowledgeable of.
E-books or paperbacks? 
         I’m torn between both J
Do you have a publishing deal?  Are you self-publishing?  And advice for authors looking to publish?
I’m currently self-publishing. My writing started out as a challenge for myself, and I never intended on publishing, so this has all been a surreal part of my life. Advice to other authors: write for yourself first and then worry about all the other stuff like promoting and social media. There’s so much involved when you’re an individual writer trying to do it all on your own.
    Tell us about Beginning with Forever.
Beginning with Forever is a special romance book about finding love after you lose the one person who you think is your one and only. Carson Bradley is CEO of his billion dollar pharmaceutical company. His goal in life after losing Emily to cancer is to find the cure for that despicable disease. He is engaged to a woman he doesn’t love. On his way to marry her in St. Lucia, his jet is forced to land on thunderous water due to a tropical storm. He floats ashore into the arms of a medical student studying abroad. Lillian falls deeply for him and he does too. Leaving a ruthless woman at the altar doesn’t lead them to a happy ending. Carson doesn’t care what he has to do or give up to hold onto Lillian. Between the scheming of his ex-fiancĂ©e and his world of wealth that’s full of corruption and malice, Carson does all he can to keep Lillian safe and in his arms. 
Where did the idea for your book originate? 
 Just creatively came up with it.
Any other books in the works? 
       I’m writing the sequel to Beginning with Forever. It’s titled, Ending with Forever. It is the last book in a series of two.
        For more with Lan check out her Facebook Page, Follow her on Twitter, And for more of her work or just to order Beginning with Forever go to Amazon