Book Review for Lola Blake's, Coming Home

I don't read romance novels, but after following Lola Blake's blog, I fell in love with her writing style and had to pick up her novel, Coming Home.  Set in Australia, Blake's novel is not as much of a romance novel as it is a cautionary tale. 

In fact, kuddos to author Lola Blake for writing a tale that could be ridiculously cliché and trite but making it relatable with likable character. 

This is classified as a romance novel but at its heart it’s really a cautionary tale about growing up.  It was a fast read. As a reader I found myself just as hungry as the main character to find out who she is. 
It would be easy to dislike Sara, the wife of an affluent husband and mother of an adorable three year old daughter, it appears that she has it all.  The book begins with her returning home from hospital, and each chapter is cleverly titled after how many days she’s been out.  She lives in a mansion and seems to ‘have everything,’ and rather than enjoy her ‘easy’ life she’s a pathetic drunk housewife who was at rehab.  On paper this sounds like a drunk housewife who just can’t cope with being wealthy and being dragged to fundraisers and balls.   But Lola makes her relatable and you realize we all have a little “drunk housewife” in us. 

We all feel lost and have found ourselves in a place where we wonder, what if I had zigged when I instead zagged or what if I had just been brave?  Of course Sara’s ‘what ifs’ are actually life altering.   I don’t want to give too much away but if you like real characters who are self-examining then Blake’s heroine will not leave you disappointed.  Sara is relatable and her story is engaging and Blake’s writing is smart, funny, and accurate. 

Download Coming Home if nothing else but to remind you to live.  Be present, be in the moment and enjoy the good when it comes your way.