Sunday Morning I mean Saturday gosh darn sleep deprivation strikes again

3 days left in the month of March and I have to say this has been one of the busiest months I've had in A WHILE.  2 Book Release Parties, one kid's birthday party (and for those of you that know me, you know birthdays are not something I take lightly-read as, NO EASY FEAT), a book signing, and marketing marketing marketing.  Of course lets not forget Harlow Whittaker & The Apprentice, the second book in the series is currently being edited and formatted by me (well that was an awkward way of writing that sentence-let's just say all my brain can handle is editing that book and not my blog).

As much as I advocate for putting oneself out there in order to get your work recognized I have to say it is not by any means my favorite thing.  And all my fellow introverts can understand the need for downtime/hibernation/runaway from home and hide out at your parents house where you can get away with wearing nothing but sweatpants with several mystery stains-I'm going with chocolate, syrup, and whatever else my kids happen to have on their hands at any given time.  (seriously where do they keep finding the chocolate???)  But as much as being out amongst the living somewhat irks me it is the source of inspiration.  Every interaction, no matter how intense, or short, or awkward, will somehow be used as a muse or jumping off point for a future or even current project. 

Also on the flip side of that, not only do interactions with others, whether strangers, new friends, old friends or acquaintances when you get in a room with them it's a chance to plug your current work.  Last night I had the second Launch Party for Harlow Whittaker & The Soothsayers, and it was a low-key affair, but I did sell all the books I had with me and it was a chance to get people talking about my book.  So as uncomfortable as it was for me to say, "Hey I wrote a book and you should buy it," it was definitely worth it.  (For more on Launch Party's click here)

So I believe it was last week where my home-girl, Shannon Barczak and I discussed working on our second books for our Trilogy's.  Well now that I just completed reading my second book, cover to cover for the third time I have to say I am now where Shannon was at the time we published that post.  It is really good. Okay before you're like Valerie of course you have to say that, hear me out.
I wrote Harlow Whittaker 2 last summer and I read it twice after it was completed and then it just sat there, because life happened, along with the fact that I was publishing HW1 so I haven't even opened that file since last July.  To read it now, it's like reading someone else's work. And that fact; that I don't remember what happened, due to having two kids and a horrendous memory (it is really bad, I don't know how I haven't lost one of my kids already...wait what was I talking about before I started with the parenthesis...???) so I read it like I didn't write it which is great for editing but also gives me confidence in that maybe I'm not too shabby at this writing bid-ness. 

Well it's now 8:19 AM and I think I've gotten enough off my mind to go back to sleep.  If you aren't able to return your head to its pillow check this out, it will have you singing Drunk In Love all day, but I think it's totally worth it.  It's how that song would sound in the 1940s with a Big Band and a sexy raspy voice.  'Till next time!!