Book Release Party Part 2

The book release was not exactly what I had been expecting/dreading.  It was loads better.  For instance there was live music on the patio!  Nothing like signing a book your wrote while listening to a local artist sing all the songs you listened to why you wrote said book.  Freakishly awesome right!?

Let's get to the deets of what happened the night my book had a party-

1.)  No speech:  While one guest asked later on if there was going to be any talk of me and I informed them no.  They seemed just as happy to be there and not too put out by the fact that I wasn't going to be spouting off about my accolades for 15 minutes.
          *In lieu of a speech I stuck to writing extremely personal/inside-jokey inscriptions in the books when I would sign them.  (That way that could read them wehenver they liked and not have me say quite private info in croweded roomful of folks.  Read this as: I hate watching people cry).  Also while you're signing books one-on-one you get to answer everyone individually when they ask, "So how'd you come up the idea for your book?"

2.)  Less people showed up than I had invited however the weather was a bit gloomy so I forgive the no shows ;)  However sense I mentioned on the invite to bring a copy of the book so I could sign it, I sold just as many books as I would have, had they actually attended.

3.)  It was super super fun.  There were times when I would look around the room and it was like hanging out with all the characters in my book because aren't all characters loosely based on our intereptations of the many people that we meet in our lives?

4.)  I am already talking about throwing another party back in my home town next month.

5.)  I'm definitely glad I had books there to sell because a handful of guests didn't order theres in time and some wanted copies for friends who couldn't make it.

And those are my final notes on what I characterized as a successful book release party.  Check out the pics of Saturday night below and for more head to my Facebook page.

That last pic is me and the brilliant cover artist!  Wait 'till you see what she's got cooked up for Harlow Whittaker & The Apprentice, the second installment in the trilogy.