Computer Crash!

My computer has kicked the bucket! Luckily it allowed me to publish the first Harlow Book and host a couple of guest blogs. I'm already to order a new one but I feel like maybe the computer's death is an analogy for my writing career at the moment, slow down Valerie, life's a marathon not a sprint. So while part of me wants to pay the expedited shipping fee to get my new PC here ASAP, so more writing, editing, promoting, and marketing can commence, the other part of me that is blogging from bed and binge watching Law and Order (it's a classic, come on) is like, the computer will get here when it gets here.
So if I'm MIA for a couple days I'm just refueling.
Happy Sunday Funday or of you're like me, Sunday Do-Nothing Day, for a change :)
Have a good week!