Author K.S. Marsden Agreed To An Interview & It Was Delightful

I know I said this would be a week long thing, (interviewing and hosting guest bloggers) but I had so much fun meeting new authors, and amazing bloggers that I had to keep it up.  This next interview is from fellow writer and blogger, who lives all the way across the pond, Kelly Marsden, who is published under, K.S. Marsden.  Her savvy personality along with her dry sense of humor made this interview a whole lot of fun.  And you're going to die when you find out how her family felt about her writing!!  Read on and enjoy :)

Kelly grew up in Yorkshire, graduated with an equine degree from Aberystwyth University, and has spent most of her life trying to experience everything the horse world has to offer. She is currently settled into a Sales and Marketing role for a horse feed company in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
Her first book, The Shadow Rises, was published in January 2013.
Her books include, The Shadow Rises (Witch Hunter) and The Shadow Reigns (Witch Hunter)

First of all:

You mention on your blog that there were two constants in her life - books and horses.  Did you always know that it would stay that way?  

Actually, it was never supposed to be that way.  From the age of five (I was always a precocious child), I wanted to be a vet.  That plan never changed until college.  My only regret was that having such a time-consuming career meant I'd have less time for horses and books.
Luckily, all the Vet Schools rejected me (who knew it was so competitive!), so I was forced to use my back up and went down the horsey route.
After a decade of working with horses and studying them at uni, I have no regrets, and a lot of great stories. After a decade of working with horses and studying them at uni, I have no regrets, and a lot of great stories.

What is your favorite book?
That depends what type of mood I'm in.  But I don't think the books I read now will ever surpass the ones I loved as a kid.  They're still on my bookcase, completely worn, being held together with tape.  "Firebringer" by David Clement-Davies; "The Narnia Collection" by C. S. Lewis; "The Silver Brumby" by Elyne Mitchell. 

What has been your favourite Indie book?
There have been a lot of great Indie books that I have had the privilege to read.  But two series stand out for me: "The Housewife Assassin's Handbook" by Josie Brown; and "The Emperor's Edge" by Lindsay Buroker. 

What piece of advice would you give new authors?

Write a little bit every day.  Even if you don't feel like it; just start.

Who has been your best critic? 

My baby sister always brings me down to earth and gives me an "honest" answer.

What does your family think of you, “the published author,” in the family?

Actually, with the exception on my sister, my family didn't have a clue that I was even writing, nevermind considering publishing.  They only found out with the rest of the world when it was released!

Once the surprise had abated, they've all been very supportive, in their own way.  We're not a very expressive family, I got a pat on the back.

I’m currently reading your first book, The Shadow Rises, what was your inspiration behind it?

It all stems from a long-running family joke that all the women in our family are witches.  It was a subject that interested me from a young age and I picked up a lot of witch-related facts over the years; followed with some serious dissertation-style research into the Malleus Maleficarum when I was old enough to have the patience.  Just add some dry humour, and you have The Shadow Rises.

What are you currently working on writing wise?  Is it still in the genre of Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal?

I'm currently writing the third in the Witch-Hunter series - The Shadow Falls.

There are a couple of other projects in the pipeline, they're all in the Fantasy genre; one is Paranormal; the others... let's see what happens, they could completely change by the time I start writing them!

Which of your characters do you relate to most?

I think I relate most with James - he accepts being the dogsbody and never takes things too seriously.  Also, I am very proud of coming from Yorkshire!

Sometimes I wish I could be more like Mrs Astley - saying whatever comes to mind without any care of giving offence.

You’ve published multiple books; you have a great job in sales, what’s next for you? 

Rio 2016.

Ok, maybe that's a little ambitious, but I have an absolutely cracking dressage horse and I want to see how far we can get in the next few years.  Neo is proof that with a bit of hard work, anything is possible - he was neglected and half wild when I got him.

What has been your favourite review/comment to date? 

Trisha Coombs via Facebook - "Just finished reading The shadow rises, the witch hunter series, by k.s marsden, an amazing read, couldn't put it down I researched the rest of the books and the author, imagine my shock when it turns out to be a friend of mine Kelly Marsden....I nearly keeled over ...I've partied with this book writing genius, I'm humbled ...lolxx"

My other favourite comment came from a friend and client of mine, Ali Steele.  I was her riding instructor at the time and she agreed to the Shadow Rises and came back with the timeless quote: "It wasn't as crap as I thought it'd be."

And that concludes a wonderful interview, if you could hear me typing this I have a British accent, please don't take offense Kelly, lol.  Check out Kelly's series, The Witch Hunter.