Hobbies or at least that's how this post started...

I have to admit being enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses for 6 years and teaching I have become well accustomed to the college schedule.

Even though I received my, probably last, degree nearly four years ago I still live my life to a nine month schedule.

All of my colleagues out there, whether you're a P.H.d. holding prof or part-time faculty you know this to be true. Winter Break marks the beginning a traveling, binge watching, Christmas shopping, and any HOBBIES!

Yes teachers actually get to indulge in free time. It also means that while we get our down time, our entire adult life, and most likely before that, we're obsessed with learning.

So yes we have downtime but if you're anything like me you make your hobbies hard, quite difficult second job worthy "hobbies."

I wrote books....not short stories, not only blog entries or tweets, but books.

At this moment I am blogging instead of doing the final edit on Harlow 1 before the print edition is released and I wonder if anyone elses's hobbies are this demanding and if so what are we doing to our selves?????or am I just stalling because publishing the print edition means that then it's real, then it's out there....