Sunday, January 26, 2014


I ordered my second proof copy of Harlow Whittaker & The Soothsayers in Wednesday and it should get here by Thursday but that seems like an eternity!!!

Fellow creatives, I know I've addressed this before, isn't waiting the pits?

In other news I am totally jazzed that the print version of the trilogy will be out. As exciting as an eBook is, it means my ideas are being shared with the masses after all, the print version is what I dreamed about when I was nine years old envisioning myself as an author.

There's something so...real about seeing my name along the spine of a book as it rests on a shelf........if only Thursday would hurry up and get here :)

Happy Sunday Fun day!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

23 Days No Eating Out :)

We made it to 23 days of no eating out...our goal was 30 so I'm happy with us.

This experience has reminded me how much I love to cook and how much cheaper it is to eat at home.

However the preparation of meals is no easy feat and everybody needs a break so in conclusion this experiment was a success in that it reminded me of the principle of Moderation in all things.

Now I think we'll plan on eating out twice a month, that way I can reserve the right to take a break and write a book or something instead of prepping meals for the fam while also keeping our budgets and waistlines in check.

How are your New Years Reductions going?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Work B%t%h

Time to get the print edition of the book out. I will do it today no excuses. It will be completed tonight then onto editing Harlow Whittaker 2 so it's out this Spring.
I can do it.

Here's to Hoping that writing this out will make it happen.

Being the day that we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I feel that my goals are super easy in comparison and thus extremely motivated to push myself farther than I thought mentally or physically possible.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hobbies or at least that's how this post started...

I have to admit being enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses for 6 years and teaching I have become well accustomed to the college schedule.

Even though I received my, probably last, degree nearly four years ago I still live my life to a nine month schedule.

All of my colleagues out there, whether you're a P.H.d. holding prof or part-time faculty you know this to be true. Winter Break marks the beginning a traveling, binge watching, Christmas shopping, and any HOBBIES!

Yes teachers actually get to indulge in free time. It also means that while we get our down time, our entire adult life, and most likely before that, we're obsessed with learning.

So yes we have downtime but if you're anything like me you make your hobbies hard, quite difficult second job worthy "hobbies."

I wrote books....not short stories, not only blog entries or tweets, but books.

At this moment I am blogging instead of doing the final edit on Harlow 1 before the print edition is released and I wonder if anyone elses's hobbies are this demanding and if so what are we doing to our selves?????or am I just stalling because publishing the print edition means that then it's real, then it's out there....


30 Days of NO EATING OUT

Now that the book is officially out, people keep asking me, how did you do it?  How did you write and publish a book while raising 2 kids and a dog and having a part-time job and a husband?  And I was always like, if you really want something you find the time.  But after reviewing our year end finances I realized I cheated, a lot. 

At one point in my life my love to eat turned into my love to cook, I love to slice potatoes, I find therapy while making pasta from scratch.  I love planning meals for my family, and am proud of the fact that when we grocery shop we don't purchase processed food (except cheese, and fruit snacks and granola bars), so if what I just wrote is true then why on earth was so much of our hard earned cash going to fast food joints??  I'll tell you why, because when mom aka "homecook supreme" is writing, editing, designing a cover, and publishing a book, she's gonna cut corners somewhere. 

So after getting that budget slap to the face I decided that the Day-Sanchez's were going to go 30 days without eating out.

Now we are currently on day 4 and I have been sick so luckily I haven't wanted to leave the house, but Dr. Pepper and French fries have been calling my name, hardcore.  Even our 3 year old asked for chicken nuggets for a snack last night.  But we are holding strong (which is why I made homemade chicken nuggets and French fries for lunch today).

It's all about meal planning.

For instance yesterday, once I realized the baby and I were finally over our winter cold, we were going to leave the house today and go do something fun.  But if were going to do a kid outing, usually that meant stopping at our favorite burger place on our way home.  But that's not an option so I took the chicken breasts out of the freezer last night, and since the pack came with three, two were chopped into nugget sizes and the last one I baked and will reheat for us for dinner tonight along with rice and broccoli.  I only need to feed me and the littles tonight so that should be plenty of food. And there, two meals done at once.  Later we'll bake cookies, since it's gotten pretty ugly outside, and we all crave something sweet in the evenings.

This all sounds so easy as I type it, that I am hoping it remains this way after I return to work in a couple weeks, or next week, maybe I should check when I do go back.

Healthy Eating!