Monday, December 23, 2013

Break from One Means Fulltime On The Other

I'm sure most, if not all, Indie authors can agree that whenever they have a break from their paying job they dive into their low paying/not paying other job, writing/ self-publishing.

My new book, Harlow Whittaker & The Soothsayers was released four days ago (the eBook version) and the print version will be out in a couple weeks. What that means is, my part time teaching job is on Winter Break until next month so all my "break time" is marketing.

Engaging all my social media sites, and advertising whether via Internet or word if mouth, that my book is AVAILABLE!
So there is no day off and it's exciting and time consuming but had work is the difference between success and failure.

Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Official!

The eBook version of Harlow Whittaker & The Soothsayers is now available on Amazon!

The print edition is still being reviewed by the good old folks at CreateSpace!
Honestly if it was up to me I would write this entire post with exclamation points but it may be perceived as rude and/or pretty annoying, so know that even though there are no more ! In this post I am still very much excited.
Now that the writing, editing, and formatting is done, it's time for the marketing to commence so, keep on keep in on, I got a book to promote!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I have been M.I.A. because life has taken me hostage!

I'm back home, visiting my folks because it's winter break and I turned grades in, and the boys need to see their grandparents, but also because I knew that I would be releasing my book this week.

I received the cover art from the very talented Ms. Yvonne Lucero and so there was nothing holding me back from pulling the trigger and becoming a published author. 

The thing is, that is terrifying!  So I needed to be back home, the place where as soon as I pull into town the radio starts playing all my favorite songs.  And I don't know if they are all my favorite songs or if it's because I'm back where I grew up that suddenly every song is my favorite song.  But I needed that comfort and familiarity.

Don't get me wrong my husband and friends are a great support system (see previous post, "What Am I Thankful For), but nothing can protect me like my hometown.  The mountains even sent some snow my way just because they knew I was coming :) 

There's just something about staying up into the wee hours working on my book that reminds me so much of school nights past that humbles me and grounds me and gives me that extra boost of confidence to select, "Save & Publish" on Amazon's KDP, which is what I just did seven minutes ago.  KDP assures me that it will still be another 12 hours before anyone can read Harlow Whittaker & The Soothsayers but I'm surprisingly at ease for when those 12 hours are up and my writing is exposed to the wold because, I'm back home.


Monday, December 2, 2013


WOW it is full blown holiday season! With a week off from work you would think I accomplished quite a bit, unfortunately you would be WRONG. The past week off was full of Thanksgiving prepping, clogged kitchen sink :(looks like we're going to have to dig up the backyard), teething baby, and Christmas shopping.
Not to mention a ton of new characters just made their way into my subconscious and have been forcing their story onto the page. That's right a totally new book, away from the Harlow Whittaker Trilogy. It's exciting writing new folks but part of me is hesitant because there is still sooo much work to do for HW1. But hey when inspiration strikes...