If I fail at Least I know I Went Down Swinging!

Since I was nine years old I've wanted to be a published author. It was a dream that was always in the that I carried in my heart. Even when I was applying to college and determining my major, I never chose creative writing because there was always that nagging voice that said, “you'll never make it.” You cannot make a living as a writer. But now I'm married, have two kids, and two degrees and I still write almost everyday. That means I will never stop writing and so why not? Why not just take the leap and see what happens? There is nothing standing in my way except myself, because even now; after I've designed a book cover, edited my manuscript countless times, and uploaded it to Createspace, I find myself thinking, maybe this is a mistake. The Facebook page is already up and running and people are awaiting a release date and I'm sitting here thinking, maybe it's not good enough. But good enough for who? Again I have to say myself These seeds of doubt, these nagging insecurities will destroy my career as a writer before I even begin, so I came to internet to blog it out, to let these feelings of inadequacy loose on the rest of the world, because they are no longer welcome here.