Ain't no sleep for the wicked

Yesterday my Facebook status read, "Poopie diapers are thee worst."  Well I'd like to rephrase that to, poopie diapers caused by diarrhea induced from teething is the worst because teething means, fever, no sleep, pain, no sleep, no appetite, and no sleep.  My sweet gorgeous one year old is so miserable which means I get to do everything with one hand, because the other is holding him.  Good thing I have adopted the whole, you can sleep when you're dead philosophy which is usually attributed to YOLOing college kids, but I think it applies to motherhood as well, especially when you're trying to publish your first novel.  Why sleep when you can comfort your child, or get a few more formatting issues fixed on Createspace?  Sleep, all be it essential, can sometimes be the only thing that you can ignore in order to get work done.  I can't very well tell my kids to take a hike when I have editing or writing to do.  I can't stop feeding the dog in order to meet my own deadlines for designing a book cover, but sleep I can definitely shove off because there is caffeine.  :) 
If publishing my book, or raising terrific children means no sleep, that's something I'm willing to live with, for now.