You wrote it...Now what?

Sorry I've been post-less but I've been spending the past two days scrolling through endless images on looking for images to use for my book cover.  It is so exciting being able to choose the "look of your book"  and then the anxiety creeps this image going to be the one the makes people think, "Interesting, I totally want to read that,"  or is it the image that makes potential readers scroll on through not even to bat an eye?  Luckily I am in contact with an awesome designer, Jeremy Taylor, who I found via Mark's List.  What's Mark's List?  Well for a self-pub (an abbreviation that I just made up right now for self-published indie authors, cute right?) it's pretty much FREAKIN AMAZING.  It has a reputable list of ebook cover designers and formatters.  I will post the link to it here along with an awesome blog that is full of useful information in regards to how to take the next step after you've written and EDITED your manuscript.