2 days but I think I've got a BOOK COVER!!

Yup you read that title correctly, I have slopped through an endless amount of images, changed my "idea" of what the perfect cover would be dozens of times, but now 48 hours later, I've got it!

By I've got it I mean that I have narrowed it down to 6 images from istockphoto.com.  Ideally the designer I'm working with will be kind and cut and paste these images to my hearts content.  Fingers crossed, knock on wood, here's to hoping, blah blah blah. 

This is my first time doing this and I have no idea what is considered "irrational" requests from authors.  I guess I will find out.  I am sending off the email just as soon as I finish gushing out my excitement.

When I was writing Harlow Whittaker & the Soothsayers I pictured what my cover would look like, as I reread, rewrote, and edited my manuscript dozens and dozens of times, (let's just say countless) I have reimagined that image just as many times.  And the past 2 days have been no different.  As I scrolled through istockphoto, I continually reimagined what the final product would look like.  And of course I did, with endless images at your fingertips, you are at a constant struggle between what you personally find aesthetically pleasing, what will sell copies, and what actually encapsulates your characters, your story, your message.  What helped me to finally pull the trigger so to speak, was to constantly repeat to myself (sometimes even outloud), the title of my book, Harlow Whittaker & the Soothsayers.  That served as my guide and I hope when you see the cover (of course I will post pics here once it's finished, and on the Facebook page, Harlow Whittaker Trilogy) that's the message you get. :)